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A One Of A Kind Soft Toy That Is Made From Your Child’s Drawing

A One Of A Kind Soft Toy That Is Made From Your Child’s Drawing

A Pofuff toy is the most personalised toy that your child could ever have. Not only because it is made from their own drawing, but because the toy was borne of their imagination, an expression of what they feel and think during a specific time of their childhood.

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A Creative Journey That Will Bond You and Your Child Closer

A Creative Journey That Will Bond You and Your Child Closer

With Pofuff, not only will you get a personalised and customised soft toy made from your child’s own drawing, but more importantly you will actively create wonderful memories through the experience of doing a creative activity together.

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Switch On Your Child’s Creativity And Win The Battle Over Device Addiction

Switch On Your Child’s Creativity And Win The Battle Over Device Addiction

Yes you can win the battle. And the best way to combat it is to switch on your child’s creativity by encouraging them to discover the world around them, express...

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Preserving Your Child’s Artwork By Transforming It To A Soft Toy

Preserving Your Child’s Artwork By Transforming It To A Soft Toy

Transforming your child’s artwork to a specially made, one-of-a-kind soft toy could be the best thing that you will give as a childhood gift to your little one....

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maya creative journey testimonial

We were so delighted when the toys arrived! They are wonderful, thank you so much. I’m going to promote this on Facebook and Twitter. I had an idea – do you ever get children in the Philippines who have the chance to have their drawings turned into toys? Since it is done locally, I was wondering whether there was any opportunity to donate if there were local children who would like one but perhaps could not afford it. I would be happy to sponsor a local child to get a toy of their own as this is a really amazing idea.

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Indu's Drawing Turned To A Stuffed Toy

I wanted to surprise my daughter by bringing her artwork to life. I loved the idea and I’m sure Indu is going to love it too! When we received the parcel, she was absolutely delighted as her little fairy has magically come alive.

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finn testimonial drawing to toy

Ever since we started talking about magically transforming their drawings to toys, the kids can’t stop talking about it! When I saw the mid-production photos, I found them to be really awesome. I couldn’t wait to show Finn after kinder that day!

Read about Finn’s brother Banjo’s journey

phoenix testimonial drawing to toy

My son Phoenix (just turned 5) drew this for his sister Iris who just turned 1.  I explained what you do and he drew a picture especially for you to turn into a doll for his sister. He is very impressed! We have put the original drawing in a frame in Iris’ room.  The doll will be such a lovely keepsake from her brother. They already have such a loving bond.

watch a video of Phoenix and Iris with their Pofuff toy


jade creative journey testimonial

Thank you so much, we love it! Jade absolutely loves drawing and I’ve run out of space on the fridge to stick them up, so creating toys out of some of the drawings is an absolute gem. I have a few more drawings that Jade has done which we’d love to get made soon. We just need to pick one! It’s so hard as I love them all! I’ll have to let Jade choose what one she’d like best! One of my friends got some of her kids’ drawings done recently and they look amazing! It’s great to recommend a business you know will do a great job!

Check out Jade’s best friend Laila’s story here

anna creative journey testimonial

Anna was absolutely smitten by the surprise. Your company has made her childhood memories fresh again. She loves the toy and especially the idea that it was made ONLY for her and and is one of a kind. It’s magic! The toy looks perfect. Anna was amazed at how even the smallest details from her drawing were reflected in a real toy. I’m spreading a word about your company with the best recommendations.

More about Anna’s surprise


abbey creative journey testimonial

Abbey absolutely loved her Pofuff toy and as it was a picture of her dad, she has given it to him as a birthday present! Thank you once again for such an amazing gift for my daughter (and husband). You will definitely be getting some more orders from the our household!

Check out Abbey’s works of art: Dad, Nan, Mum and Pop

chloe testimonial photo with mermaid toyI think this idea is great. It lets the toys come to life!! When I told Chloe that her drawing was going to be transformed into a toy, she was really excited! She was jumping up and down and saying she couldn’t wait to get it. And when the Pofuff toy arrived, she was so happy. She loved that it was her parcel to open and she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the toy.

Chloe and Janelle’s journey

Aria's Drawing Turned To A Stuffed Toy

Pofuff toys are awesome! Can’t think of a better idea to brighten up the kids’ creativity and enthusiasm towards arts. When my daughter first saw her Pofuff toy, she was speechless. And absolutely happy. She was so excited and told all our neighbours and friends all about it.

The story of Aria’s princess

Charles Drawing Turned To A Stuffed Toy

A Pofuff toy is a time capsule that captures a part of his childhood experience. The significance and the novelty of the idea justifies the cost. Transforming Charles’ drawing into a Pofuff toy gave him a sense of accomplishment. Being able to actually touch and feel the toy and see his drawing come to life empowered him and fuelled him to explore his creativity further.

Steve, Charles’ minecraft toy

The Creative Team

Together we make the magic happen



I am responsible for my child's creative development. I want my child to experience the world with wonder and amazement and discover the limitless possibilities of their imagination. I want them to believe that anything is possible. I need to show them the value of having dreams, then help them make these dreams real.



I need my parents to show me how fulfilling it is to create something. I long for moments of bonding with them, to feel secure and confident as I discover myself and the world around me. I take delight in simple things, like stories and pictures. I need to be nurtured so I can prepare for the journey ahead of me.



I take pride in the work of my hands. It gives me great joy and an overwhelming sense of worth to know that my skills help bring a sense of wonder into a child's life somewhere in the world. I love that I am part of an advocacy to nurture creativity and at the same time I help sustain my family's livelihood as well.

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